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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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dog versus mail carrier. we'll tell you how neighbors are reacting this morning. what the city of concord did overnight that has the parents -- might have the parents of truant children reaching for their wallets. a new report raises more concerns for pg&e's pipelines. the flaw that could cause major failures during a major earthquake. the man kicked off a plane for wearing saggy pants, the decision the d.a. may hand down later today.
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well, good morning. welcome to the middle of the week. it's wednesday july 13th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. what's the weather going to be like? steve paulson knows as usual. hi, steve. pam, dave, good morning. it's going to be like march. it's overcast. it's foggy. it's drizzlely. what's the good news? well, we'll have some sun today but it's going to be cool. if you like cool i'll tell you just put this one down in the old books because it's going to be about 10, 15, maybe 20 degrees below average for some inland highs 50s 60s even low to mid-70s. here's sal. all right. right now the wet weather is doing to be the headline for traffic as you have traffic slowing down in many areas because of the slick roads. it's not exactly rain as steve mentioned, but it is going to be wet out there because of drizzle. on 80 westbound the traffic is busy coming out of berkeley and coming into oakland. the good news is the sun comes up. some of that drizzle is going away and it's making it easier for you to drive. we have a complete traffic update just a few minutes away.
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at 6:01 go back to dave and pam. it is the age old battle of dog versus mail carrier. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong has the story of a family pet that's now accused of causing suspended mail service to a vallejo neighborhood. claudine. >> reporter: yes. mail service was stopped here for several days all because of this incident between a dog versus a mail carrier. i want to show you a picture of the dog who apparently caused all of this mess. this is mocha. a one and a half-year-old chihuahua that lives here in vallejo. mocha's owner says she was standing outside her house last thursday with mocha. she says the carrier was walking across the street and the dog did go and circle the postal carrier a couple times. according to her the carrier got upset, said he was withholding service to the neighborhood and took off and that's the last time anyone saw their mail until just yesterday. i just talked to a neighbor who says he feels like this entire situation is an overreaction. >> the whole neighborhood
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shouldn't be -- be hostage. >> reporter: you didn't get your mail? >> that's right. we did not get it. >> reporter: did you finally get it yesterday? >> yes, we did. hopefully they got the situation in town squared away. >> reporter: did you get a letter explaning why? >> yes, i did. it was stating that the dog was running loose in the streets and our mail would be discontinued until further notice. >> reporter: the owner of mocha says she did give up her dog and said the postmaster was by yesterday to make sure the dog was gone so service could resume. the owner is clearly upset and wants the dog back. not sure at this point if the postal service will take issue with that. the postal service told the times herald that if there's a dog running loose and posing a threat to the carrier, they'll resume service. clearly this is a situation that neighbors were unhappy about as they were brought into it. and we're going to continue to
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get reaction out here. we'll continue to keep you updated. live in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. well, right now the cause of a fire at a house in atherton is under investigation. fire crews say the fire started after an explosion at about 3:00 this morning. they say part of the house on mt. vernon lane was under construction. everyone inside did make it out safely. time now 6:03. this morning de shop marman kicked off a u.s. airways flight because of saggy pants is hoping to get good news from the district attorney. this is what happened yesterday on the steps of city hall. some of the people demonstrating in support of mr. marman. they want city supervisors to pass a resolution asking for a federal investigation of that incident. now marman is waiting to hear if the san mateo county district attorney will press charges against him. a congressional hearing today investigates reports that
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u.s. airports are still vulnerable to terror attacks. coming up for you at 6:15 we'll have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom on the high number of security breaches at american airports despite spending billions of dollars on improving security. well, republican senate leader has introduced a back up plan for the debt ceiling negotiations at the white house. president obama and congressional leaders will meet again today. his back up plan is a complicated proposal but it would give president obama authority to increase that debt limit without congress that's in case the group can't come to an agreement by the august 2nd deadline. president obama says if that deadline is not met, millions of social security, veterans and disability checks might be at risk. time now 6:05. it was a controversial decision made just hours ago. ktvu's kraig debro tells us about tough new daytime curfews targeting students cutting
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class in concord. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, dave. curfews that will effect the kids who cut class and their parents. this passed last night at the concord city council. concord city hall now join a number of cities, nine other cities in the bay area now have daytime curfews saying they're seeking to cut back on a truancy rate the state says is higher than the state average the city passes a daytime curfew. the hours of this curfew will be set by a particular school hour. concord police supports the new modified nighttime curfew because they say it has teeth. police say when they conduct truancy sweeps in the past all they could do was drop off the truant kid back at the school. under this ordinance the mitt # police can cite the student and or parent up to $500 on the third offense. >> we're not here to make money. i hope that we have no fines issued. this is audient enough that they would want to stay in school and do the studies that they're supposed to during school hours. >> reporter: first offense is just a warning but a
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progressive fine scale kicks in after that. police are hoping the new rules cut down on the juvenile crime rate. the city says the state department of education research shows there is a link between truancy and incidence of daytime vandalism, fights, thefts and residential burglaries. concord now joins pittsburg, benicia, fairfield, san pablo, fremont, richmond, hayward and hercules as bay area cities with daytime curfews. reporting live in concord, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. well, bart police releasing new information about last week's fatal police shooting at san francisco's civic center station. that shooting prompted a rowdy protest at the station monday evening. bart's police chief now says the homeless man who died had threatened two officers with at least two knives and a broken bottle. previously he said that 45-year- old charles hill had a single knife. critics say bart police did not need to use deadly force. your time now 6:07.
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james mitchell, the ere to a bay area pornography empire faces 34 years to life in prison after being convicted in the beating death of his former girlfriend. a marin county jury convicted him of first-degree murder. mitchell was also found guilty of several other charges including kidnapping. prosecutors say mitchell beat his former girlfriend with a bat two years ago. then escaped with their baby daughter. he'll be sentenced next month. well, tonight a fundraiser will be held in san francisco marking the 29th birthday of shane bower, one of two uc berkeley graduates still held in prison in iran. bower and josh fatale have been in the iranian prison for almost two years ago now. bowers fiance was released last september. she'll be speaking at the fundraiser tonight scheduled between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. at the photo center on third street. the money that's raised will go to pay bower and fatale's legal fees. since the san bruno
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explosion, pg&e has been conducting extensive pressure tests on their pipelines. now there are new concerns about how the pipes will hold up against a major earthquake. now the pipeline that exploded in san bruno had major welding flaws. and according to pg&e documents, several more miles of pipeline have the same problem. one report says pipelines crossing the san andrayest, hayward faults would fail during an earthquake. time now 6:09. let's check the commute. sal sees all including the south bay. >> that's where we're starting off this morning dave and pam for this report anyway on 237 westbound you can see traffic is looking good and you can see how dry the roads are. now just a little bit up the road let's go to the san mateo bridge now. you can see it's completely wet. so that would say maybe that is 15 miles away. maybe 10 miles away. and there's a drastic change in the driving conditions. most people these days drive pretty good distance to work.
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so you may start off dry and you may end up wet or the other way around. just use your best judgment. let's go out to contra costa county now and take a look at, well, 680 here's the good news. it looks great from concord to walnut creek. then again we have the slower traffic on highway 4 which is typical in that two lane section right through most of antioch. 6:09 let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. touched on it already the drizzle out there. there's plenty to go around. measurable amounts. it's not a little mist. it's adding up couple one- hundredths. south san francisco, san bruno, that's a gray yucky sky right there. temperatures will be really cool. now temperatures they've been coming down inland. they came down a couple days ago on the coast. they settled in the 50s there. fog, drizzle, cool, breezy to windy inland. extremely cool for july. fog, sun and wind. slightly warmer inland on the weekend but not a big jump up. temperatures i think will just recover and get back into the 80s. by the coast i still think 50s
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and 60s. system moved into the pacific northwest actually settled into oregon and the southern end of that has just been sweeping in low clouds. you can see how they bank up. they'll be a decrease in the low cloud deck because it's getting so cool aloft and also the inland temperatures have been plunging there's really not a lot to support it but it's still there. and every wind direction is almost out of the west or southwest. the delta breeze howling all the way to sacramento. two 60s, san jose and san jose state. but upper 50s and mid-50s. that system continues to carve itself out right out of the portland. for this time of year that's an extremely impressive system to make it that far and have this much of an impact. low overcast drizzle fog temperatures held in check cool for july no doubt about that. today, tomorrow bottom out and then a slight increase friday as we head into the weekend. still lots of 70s in areas that should be upper 80s or 90s. drizzle, mist, cooler inland, fog, sun, wind. you get the sun won't be very warm. clear lake only 76.
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st. helena 74. 68 petaluma. 71 sonoma. 66 vallejo and benicia. it's cold out there. had to get the blanket back on the bed. that's right. concord 70. 62 oakland. alameda 60. livermore only 70. same for san jose. 71los gatos. daly city san francisco upper 50s. not much change thursday. slight warm up friday. inland temperatures will rebound a little bit on the weekend. all right. time now 6:12. how a cigarette causes trouble in the sky. and angry smokers arrest in midair. one group says she lied. they want casey anthony to pay $100,000.
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welcome back to the news. a salt lake man is in jail this morning following his midair arrest. he pelted a flight attendant with peanuts and pretzels on a southwest airlines plane from los angeles to utah on monday night. witnesses say the man became outraged when the flight attendant wouldn't let him smoke during the flight. he now faces a federal charge of interfering with a flight crew. time now 6:15. a congressional hearing starts in about 45 minutes from now on the thousands of security breaches at america's airports. ktvu's allison burns live in our washington d.c. newsroom with some eye popping reporting coming out this morning.
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allison. >> reporter: that's right, dave. the most startling thing we're learning this morning is that there are about seven security breaches a day at the nation's airports and those are just the ones we know about. there have been a total of 25,000 security breaches since after the 9/11 attacks. 14,000 of them involve passengers entering so-called limited access areas without permission. 6,000 involve passengers and their carry on luggage making it through security checks without proper scrutiny. now one of the most recent high profile security breaches involved jet blue airlines. cleaning crews found a stun gun that had been smuggled onto a flight from boston to newark. another investigation that will be a focus of this morning's hearing reveals that a lot of tsa bomb screening equipment is not meeting the latest standards. some of it is considered obsolete. live coverage from the hearing room during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. a task force of nuclear
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experts is calling for stepped up safety measures at nuclear power plants here in the u.s. the recommendations follow the melt down at that damaged nuclear power plant in japan. the task force says the risk of a similar accident in the u.s. is low, but still unacceptable. the group says all nuclear plants in the u.s. should immediately re-evaluate their earthquake and flood risk. time now 6:16. republican presidential candidate mitt romney says he will not sign a controversial marriage vow from an iowa social conservative group. now the pledge calls on presidential candidates to avoid adultery, oppose same sex marriage and appoint "faithful constitutionalists" as judges. romney says while he strongly supports traditional marriage, he feels that pledge contains undignified and inappropriate language. candidates michele bachmann and rick santorum both have signed this marriage vow. casey anthony is being sued
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by a texas search and rescue group. texas i question search wants to get back more than $100,000 it says it spent searching for anthony's daughter, caylee, in 2008. last week anthony was acquitted on charges that she killed caylee. but the texas group says anthony lied and failed to provide critical information that would have prevented the need for a costly search. caylee's body was found six months after she was last seen alive. time now 6:18. prisoners rights groups planning a news conference in san francisco. they'll hold it at 11:00 this morning. they want to raise awareness about the continuing hunger strikes in california prisons including at pelican bay. they claim the health of some of the hunger strikers have deteriorated to critical levels. however prison officials say that they as well as court appointed court appointed medical supervisors are monitoring the situations and some prisoners are eating and
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even gained weight. the city of san francisco accuses a china town pastry shop of underpaying workers. the examiner reports that the city is seeking to recover $440,000 in back pay for seven workers. the city attorney says the employees worked 11 to 14 hour shifts and reportedly received just $3 to $4 an hour. the shop's attorney says the people making the allegations are not trustworthy. former employees of m i p pueblo markets are expected to announced to claiming the san jose based store did not pay them for all their hours worked. the workers say the company retaliated against them when they tried to improve working conditions. mi pueblo has not responded to our request for a comment. let's let sal help you get to where you need to go. how's the east bay? it is getting busier now as we look at all the approaches for the bay bridge. for example at the toll plaza itself you will see some slow traffic in some of the toll
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lanes that accept cash. perhaps not all of them are open right now. but the fast track users are getting through. looks to be a minor accident you see that big rig over there pulled over to the side a couple other cars looks like they're either involved in a crash or something else that's going on. it may distract you if it stays out there too long. i think they're waiting for chp to arrive there. move along and take a look at the commute here on interstate 880. now 880 traffic is okay but you will see some wet weather here in oakland. you can see the roads here a little bit wet. no major problems as you drive past the coliseum. and if you're driving in on 80 westbound from pinole to richmond that traffic looks good. of course we are looking at highway 4 which is getting busy in both directions. developing a little bit of a slow down at the walnut creek interchange. steve. >> sal. >> just went outside. your car's been towed. no. the wet weather in oakland -- [ laughter ] >> did i park in your space? >> no. it's actually wet out there. i went outside little drizzle
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coming down. >> yeah. lots of reports of that. reports of walnut creek to morgan hill. that's a big fog bank. it will be sunny later on for inland areas. when low clouds stretch almost to the sacramento valley that he recollects is a strong signature that it's going to be a cool pattern for even hear areas that should be much, much warmer than what we're going to see today. fog cobs to increase low clouds there not only that a weak system dragging across the northern part of the state producing a few light showers up north of redding and eureka. west-southwest 20 fairfield. gusts to 30 plus about two hours ago. southwest 12 at vacaville. everything's in place for a cool day. 50s and one 60 actually san jose state at 60. that jives with san jose airport. that system pinning right there off seattle and portland continues to influence our weather in a big way. low clouds, fog, combination of the two then sun windy to breezy and a lot of drizzle and mist. 50s 60s and 70s.
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only 74 st. helena. pittsburg 62 oakland and berkeley. 66 hayward. 70s even in the santa clara valley. sunny vale 68. same for palo alto, mountain view, redwood city, san carlos, woodside low 70s, 50s 60s on the coast and in the city. not much change slightly warmer into the weekend. thank you, steve. the booming demand for apple products is making the company the fastest growing major retailer in the u.s. in the first three months of this year apple's u.s. sales rose by $4.6 billion. that's up 80% from the year before. the increase accounts for one fifth of all u.s. sales growth by publicly traded companies here in the u.s. time is now 6:22. the price of owning a cat in san diego may be going up. the city wants to force cat owners to license and immunize their cats. and at $25 per cat. now while some cat owners already register and vaccinate their pets, others say this is
6:23 am
going to cause problems. they say requiring people to do this and then charging them for it will lead to more cats being abandoned. well, it's a show down in oakland. this time it's over where to build the city's next dog park. also a day in court ends -- look at this. punches being thrown. what caused this big fight. good morning. northbound 101 traffic still looks pretty good coming up to the 880 interchange in san jose. but there are some spots where it's getting slow. we'll let you know.
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good morning. right now traffic is getting busy here in oakland where it's drizzling outside in case you haven't been outside yet it's doing to be a little bit tough driving and windshield wipers are on. 6:26. back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. take a look at this video from tacoma, washington. a pretty intense fight inside a courthouse as a murder suspect was being brought in for trial. now friends of the murder victim rushed in and stormed past the officers to attack the man who was accused. officers ended the fight by using their tasers and everyone involved in that fight was arrested. rodney king has been booked into a los angeles county jail
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on suspicion of driving under the influence. sheriff's deputies say they pulled king over yesterday in riverside county for breaking several traffic rules. now you might remember king gained note requirety when he became the victim of a videotaped beating involving several l.a. police officers. the officers' acquittal in the case led to the 1992 los angeles riots. most recently king appeared on the show celebrity rehab to battle alcoholism. time now 6:26. oakland residents seem to be divided on where to build a new dog park. now the oakland tribune reports one group wants it built along macarthur boulevard in lake shore avenue. another group wants it at the police horse stables on bellevue avenue behind children's fairyland. the issues include money, space and impact on local businesses. a parks commission will take up that proposal this afternoon. well, also disturbing new images in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. you got to see this. phillip and nancy garrido's
6:28 am
home videos taken while jaycee was still a captive. >> reporter: and a foul odor in an east bay city is causing residents trouble. find out what the city is doing to help them. we take you live to new york this morning where the opening bell is about to ring and we're going to look for the stocks to watch today. we'll be right back. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade,
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they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all. right on time. the opening bell in new york we're looking live at the new york stock exchange. that is walgreens and dwaine reed ringing the bell on the new york stock exchange. dwaine reed largest drugstore chain in new york now part of the walgreens companies and opening a big flag ship store on wall street so they're celebrating. might be a little celebrating among investors as well. dow jones up already about 30
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points. might be a little bit of a recovery after two bad days on the markets both here in the u.s. and around the world in europe this morning. a little bit of a recovery. we'll keep watching the numbers. all right. we'll smile. and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us on ktvu morning news. middle of the week now wednesday july 13th. i'm dave clark. good morning, i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. there are renewed complaints of a terrible odor in the east bay. people living near a sewage plant on canal boulevard say they're getting sick. ktvu's jade hernandez is in richmond with the problem that has lingered now for months. jade. >> reporter: pam, now that it's daylight we can show you just how close this water run sewage plant is to nearby residents. here's the plant right behind us and as you pan over we can show you the residents nearby. now there's even only about 1200 yards away from the nearby plant. the city ordered the plant to shut down last fall. the problem is the awful smell
6:32 am
coming from the plant seems to persist for these neighbors here in point richmond. now when we arrived we checked for any unusual smells but we haven't encountered any odor so far. but residents say when they do smell the odor the foul rotten egg smell can cause vomiting, headaches and difficulty breathing. the city is helping neighbors monitor air quality through a website which monitors hydrogen soul feed in realtime in point richmond. what you're looking at here is the city's website giving phone numbers neighbors can call if they smell a problem. as of right now the city's installing weather centers to determine just where this gas is coming from. they want to rule out that the odor isn't coming from a nearby chemical manufacturer or the chevron refinery. we took this video of the water run sewage plant that's the plant in question this morning. the gated facility in richmond had a few cars in the parking lot. now officials shut down operations back in october after according to a contra costa times article a tear in a digester cover allowed the
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release of hydrogen sill aid. it's produced during the break down of organic material and that is what is producing the bad odor. richmond city council members ordered the plant to begin trucking waste to the east bay municipal utility district while they investigated the cause of the smell. it appears. movement may be what's causing the odor issues and that's why the city is investigating right now. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. prosecutors in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case have released disturbing home videos made by her kidnappers phillip and nancy garrido. ♪ [ music ] >> in this clip nancy garrido videotapes her husband playing music at a park and then quickly shifts her camera to video tape little children playing nearby. another clip shows a parole agent searching the garrido's antioch home. he has no idea that jaycee dugard is being held captive
6:34 am
just 30 feet away in the backyard. now we have posted more clips from the garrido's home videos on our channel 2 website. just click on the jaycee dugard tab at time now 6:33. a memorial service will be held in san francisco today. it's for the only man confirmed dead so far after that tragic fishing trip disaster in mexico. leslie yee's body washed ashore after the boat capsized and sank off the coast of baja, california, july 3rd. the coast guard is no longer searching for the seven men still missing however their families say they'll keep pushing lawmakers to have the coast guard resume the search. for the second time in a week we're finding out about the death of another bay area man on vacation in hawaii. police say 22-year-old paul of sunny vale died on a big island of hawaii. they say he was climbing a seaside cliff monday when a wave knocked him down. rescue crews recovered his body in the ocean about 100 yards
6:35 am
from shore. now on saturday 44-year-old david pots of san an sell moe fell 20 feet down into a blowhole like this one on maui. his body was never recovered and a search has been called off. well, new this morning, san jose state university expects a huge boost in admissions this fall. now the university is making some unusual moves when it comes to student housing. san jose state is asking some returning undergraduates to spend this fall in a nearby business class hotel. strange requests don't end there. ktvu's kraig debro will have more in a live report coming up on mornings on 2. well, another university for the second time this year california state university students have learned that they are -- that they're tuition is going up. yesterday the board of trustees approved the 12% tuition hike set to begin next month. earlier this year they passed a 10% increase. students we spoke to are
6:36 am
wondering when it will stop. >> why do you keep doing this? not everyone's able to have enough money to just be okay with the increases. and pretty much do they want us to go to school? >> the $588 increase will put tuition at all 23 csu campuses at about $5400 a year and that does not include housing or books. board members say it's necessary since the state cut csu funding by $650 million. time now 6:36. the controversial decision just hours ago involving students who cut class. the concord city council approved a tough new daytime curfew that may take effect for the start of school this fall. it requires all public school students to be in class during regular school hours or be hit with hefty fines. concord's police chief is among those supporting this new curfew. he says students skipping class often end up in trouble.
6:37 am
>> we want them in school where they're actually learning and not subject to being either crime victim or crime suspect. >> now first time offenders would get a warning. the fines for students skipping class would then begin at $100, climb to $500 for repeat offenders. and parents you would get the same fines if you knowingly allow your students to skip class. well, happening now the atlantis astronauts are moving equipment and supplies to the international space station. take you live in space. you can see them at work right now. mission control woke up the astronauts this morning about six or seven hoursing a now. nasa played the elton john classic rocket man followed by a message from sir elton john himself. he wished the astronauts success and thanked everyone who has worked in the shuttle program for the last 30 years. we have a special treat tomorrow. we are going to get to talk live with the atlantis crew from the international space
6:38 am
station. you can watch the ktvu morning news interview that is scheduled at 6:26. and we are very excited. >> i'm excited about this. >> talk to them in space live. our time right now 6:37. sal, you're watching the toll plaza, aren't you? we are, dave and pam. traffic is going to be busy at the toll plaza and in oakland in general approaching the area. backed up for about a ten minute wait or so before you make it on to the span. once you make it on to the bridge it's okay into san francisco. this morning's commute is looking good here in oakland although it has been wet out there. looks like it's beginning to taper off the wet weather. but you should still be aware of it as you drive. and if you are driving to concord and walnut creek traffic has become a lot heavier at the walnut creek interchange. i'm not sure why although it has improved in the last few minutes. want to move the ma'am down to the livermore valley where we have slow traffic coming in off the pass getting out to castro valley good. eastbound 580 little slow leaving castro valley. let's go to steve.
6:39 am
thank you, sal. low clouds, fog, drizzle, mist, that's measurable precipitation. very gloomy. temperatures will rebound. last week was hot. did you forget? this week it's cool. a gradual warm up but temperatures now by the coast are about five to ten degrees below average. but inland they're more than that. santa rosa should be 85 today 72. san jose should be 73. livermore 70 cool degrees. anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees below average on these inland highs. around the bay and on the coast it's about five to ten. san francisco should be 68. they'll be 59. very strong system at least for this time of year. i mean if it were march it would be a ho hummer but for july it deserves a wow because it's really ramped up the fog, increased, lifted flown all the way out to the sacramento valley and also the end result is kind of squeezing out a lot of that drizzle and measurable amounts .02, .03.
6:40 am
west-southwest wind 20. cooler air aloft, cooler air at the surface and a rip snorting sea breeze there all ends up with a lot of drizzle. so it's like time for this fog to go home. well, not yet. not yet. 50s and 60s until this low ejects out which won't be until probably thursday and then we stay way below average. even with the sun there will be a breeze. and that's a sea breeze. so little overcast. some drizzle. drizzle usually starts to lift. drizzle made it well inland this morning. temperatures will continue to drop away from the coast. today and tomorrow level off and start a rise into the afternoons on the weekend. cooler away from the coast. not by the coast where it's already stuck in the 50s or 60s. when you get clear lake at 76 and st. helena and cool toga at 74 and santa rosa 72 in july with san rafael only 68 and fairfield only 72 you know it's cool. 76 brentwood, oakley, oakland 62. walnut creek 68.
6:41 am
yep. san jose 70. gill roy 76. sunny vale 68. same for redwood city, palo alto, woodside one of the lone out post there with some low 70s. a lot of 50s on the coast. san mateo coast 60s down to santa cruz. warmer into the weekend. time now 6:40. new this morning president obama's campaign manager says more than $86 million has been raised by the president for his re-election campaign and for the democratic party in the past three months. that gives president obama a big fund raising lead over the republicans heading into the 2012 campaign. now republican presidential candidates collectively raised about $35 million in the same period. a southern california woman accused of an unthinkable crime against her husband. and police say it's one of the most disturbing cases they've seen. >> reporter: well, mail service in this vallejo neighborhood is finally back on after being stopped for days. we'll tell you why this chihuahua is at the heart of
6:42 am
the problem. good morning. traffic is going to be getting a little bit better now that drizzle has gone away. we'll tell you where the traffic trouble spots are coming up next. ng enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here --
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weapon, good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:44. residents in richmond say a
6:45 am
really bad foul egg smell has come back. the city shut down the water plant last october however air quality officials think that smell may be coming from workers transporting the sludge away. right now a house fire in atherton is under investigation. now fire crews say it began after an explosion from somewhere in this house. everyone inside made it out safely. and a congressional hearing is now underway into reports of airport security breaches. according to the department of homeland security there have been more than 25,000 security breaches ever since the september 11th terror attacks. neighbors in one vallejo neighborhood are finally getting mail after it was suspended for days. the reason a chihuahua named mocha. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong joins us with more on how this little family pet caused such a big controversy. claudine. >> reporter: well, good morning, pam. yes, we're here in vallejo. we've been talking to neighbors
6:46 am
all morning. one thing is clear, they are very happy to have their mail service back on. they didn't have it friday, they didn't have it saturday, they didn't have it monday. they finally got it back yesterday. here's the reason why. let me introduce you to mocha. this is a picture of the one and a half year old chihuahua that's lived here for a couple months. neighbors say they're used to seeing mocha running around the neighborhood, but we haven't found anyone who says the dog has been a problem. apparently the postal carrier who walks this neighborhood disagreed last thursday. the owner of mocha says she was outside her house when the carrier walked by. she admits mocha ran over to the carrier and circled him a couple times. that's when the postal carrier got upset said he was going to halt service and got upset. next thing they knew they got letters telling them service would not resume until the dog was taken care of and out of the neighborhood. so for the last several days neighbors who wanted their mail had to go down to the post office and get it themselves. they certainly aren't happy about that. >> overreaction. simply overreaction because of
6:47 am
-- i can see if it was like a pit bull running around or a rottweiler or something like that of course but a chihuahua? come on. what can a chihuahua do to somebody? it's only four inches tall. >> reporter: so your neighbors say they've gone around and apologized to everyone. >> yes, they did. i appreciate that. and that shows that they are holding up to the responsibility of what's happened. >> reporter: so what happens next? well, mocha's not living in the home anymore. the owner says she surrendered the dog so the mail service would resume. she also says the postmaster was here yesterday to confirm that mocha was no longer in the house. but she wants her dog back and upset. she didn't want to go on camera because she says she's been harassed. but the people we talked to weren't as upset about mocha as they were about the postal service's reaction. we're going to try go get hold of the postal service and have more coming up on news on 2. time now 6:47. the police are calling this a very disturbing case of domestic violence. i've got to warn you the
6:48 am
details of this next story are very graphic. southern california police say 48-year-old kathrine becker is accused of drugging and then mutilating her husband. when police arrived at their condo yesterday afternoon, becker's husband was tied to the bed. they say she had drugged her husband and knocked him out. >> when he awoke, he felt that he was already tied to the bed and his wife was over top of him getting ready to cut off his genitalia and he at that crucial moment he comes to realization of what is doing on. >> well, mrs. becker is suspected of cutting off her husband's genitals and putting them down in the garbage disposal. she's also the one who called 911. she told police her husband deserved it. according to court documents he had filed for divorce two months ago citinger reconcile differences. 6:48 is the time right now. we're going to sal.
6:49 am
how's traffic? it's doing pretty well out there. i would say that this morning we've had a pretty decent commute despite the wet weather and the fog and drizzle. you can see it's getting better here in oakland for example southbound 880 which is on your left you can zoiatria traffic is looking pretty good driving down toward san leandro and hayward and the other way around as well if you're trying to catch a flight let's say at oakland international airport shouldn't be a bad drive for you. 5 0 also looking good through the lake shore area and driving out to the macarthur maze. also this morning we're looking at the san mateo bridge just a few miles south however you can see it's still pretty drizzlely here on the bridge and getting out to the high-rise section. so it's going to be come and go or here and there is what i'm trying to say with the fog and drizzle. livermore valley some stop and go traffic getting a little bit redder on our maps as you can see if you drive in let's say from highway 205 to 580 going to see some slowing and then in hayward 880 southbound going to be slow. move up the map to the east shore freeway. we're seeing some slow traffic
6:50 am
in pinole driving toward richmond. 6:49 let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have big fog bank. lots of drizzle. very cool for this time of year no doubt about it. extremely cool with high temperatures by the coast five to ten degrees below average. areas hit livermore should be 88 degrees a mere 70 today on forecasted highs. san jose should be 70. santa rosa 85. 72. for this time of year temperatures just unbelievablely far below normal. you know it will rebound somewhere down the road but right now it's not happening as the temperatures continue to be extremely cool and they'll continue to stay that way for a while because the system that's dropped down from the pacific northwest is continuing to influence our weather. right there that low drops in a lot of low clouds, drizzle and mist or drizzle makes it all the way into some inland areas. after that fog burns off. sunny but breezy to windy. low clouds and fog continue to ramp up which is impressive considering there's not much heat in the valley anymore. may cool off out to sacramento.
6:51 am
but when you get the delta breeze showing itself up to 20 plus about 30 miles an hour at travis that tells you everything you need to know. there's a much cooler pattern not only at the surface but also aloft and that all translates into 50s right now one 60 in san jose until that low ejects out probably thursday and then our temperatures stay far below average. so fog, sun, wind once that fog burns off there's been a lot of drizzle measurable amounts. 50s, 60s and 70s. only 76 clear lake. maybe a few light showers mendocino county, lake county. then a system that's swinging in certainly could prize some few light showers. 68 walnut creek. orinda, lafayette, alamo incredibly cool. danville 71. castro valley, hayward 6672 saratoga and 50s 60s or very low 70s on the peninsula. a lot of fog, sun, drizzle and went conditions and then see a it willling warmer weather, not a lot but a little by the weekend. all right. in business news this morning
6:52 am
toyota trying to increase production in japan. it will turn two auto assembly companies into subsidiaries. they want to speed up development to remain globally competitive despite unfavorable conditions such as a strong yen. checking in on the markets headed higher right at the sound of the opening bell. here's a live look at the big board on the new york stock exchange. you can see the dow jones up about 73 points right now to 12,518. couple things helping things out unexpected growth in china helping the markets around the world and yum brands which owns pizza hut, kfc, taco bell, good earnings there that stock up. netflix prices are going up by as much as 60%. the rental movie rental service company is separating its mail and internet streaming services. users who want both will have to buy two plans now costing at least $16 a month. that's up from $10. the increase starts immediately for new customers.
6:53 am
current subscribers will have to start paying more starting september 1st. interesting. time now 6:52. soccer fans counting down every minute now. in just two hours team usa will be back on the field in the world cup where you can see it all on a big screen. plus an unusual house call for some local dentists. their destination, the san francisco zoo. and this commute right now doesn't have a lot of bite to it so far anyway getting out to the tunnel on 24. we'll tell you more about this and the rest of the traffic trouble spots.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
welcome back to the morning news. 19 restaurant chains today will pledge a new nutrition policy. burger king will no longer automatically include french fries and soda in kids' meals. clerks will now ask parents if they prefer healthier options such as milk and apples. denny's, i hop and chile's are among those joining that campaign. time now 6:56. the excitement's building by the minute, by the second for soccer fans. at 9:00 the u.s. women will face france in the world cup semifinals. team usa pulled off an incredible come back win over brazil sunday. the u.s. women now just one win away from reaching their first world cup finals since 1999. and we are live right now in san francisco. the game will be on the big screen. look at that camera pushing in.
6:57 am
at the civic center plaza right at city hall. you're looking at it right now. fans, you can watch the game beginning at 9:00 a.m. and it's free open to the public. two bay area dentists are being credited for helping an unusual patient with a tooth ache. want to show you oscar the gorilla undergoing surgery on monday. san francisco zoo officials say he had an abscess on one of his teeth. after a three hour procedure it was removed. the tooth was saved. they say oscar is recovering nicely. >> that's good. they better get it right because oscar -- sal, you get our commute right but you always do. thank you, dave and pam. we're looking at the southeast bay with 237 trying to get into the valley and you see traffic is busier but the weather is cooperating but not wet there. still wet on the san mateo bridge westbound very wet heading out to the high-rise and this morning at the toll plaza westbound traffic is moderate. let's go to steve. low clouds, drizzle or light rain. let's not kid ourselves. we're getting measurable
6:58 am
amounts and it's just a really very cool pattern here. take us into thursday, friday, warmer inland on the weekend. all right. good. coming up next on mornings on 2, the mysterious bug that's creating concern among many bay area campers. also an overnight explosion and fire in atherton. what the investigators are telling us this morning. stay right here with us.
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